Aim Data Products Pricing NEW Products Mid 2018

The summer racing season is just starting, now is the time to upgrade your data system.  I will take AIM Pista in trade as partial payment for a new MX series dash.

Call or e-mail us to get the best pricing and availability of items.  Each application is unique so it is important that you call to make sure you are buying what you need to meet your goals.  As always, free top-notch technical support.  Thanks for looking.

  • MXS 1.2

    This is a new version released mid 2018. List Price is $2299, call for our price!
  • MXG 1.2

    This is the new version released mid year 2018, list price is $2599, cll us for your price!
  • MXM

    This is a brand new logger, released mid 2018, list price $1099, call us for your price!
  • SOLO 2

    Upgraded version of the original SOLO. List price $399, call us for your price!
  • SOLO 2 DL

    Significant upgrade from the original SOLO DL. List price $699, call for your price!
  • AIM GT Steering wheel starting at $1615 (Contact us for best price)

    A steering wheel represents a lot to a driver. It is the lightning rod between the racer and the road. It provides feedback and empowers the driver to make critical decisions while demanding millisecond responses. To pay homage to the peerless relationship between driver and car, we introduce our first GT Steering Wheel, where you can monitor information in addition to what is shown by your stock dash, view configurable alarms and shift lights, and activate specific car functions. Designed by the best track engineers and hand-made by the most qualified craftsmen, AiM GT Steering Wheel is a perfect mix of style, technology and comfort.
  • AIM MXL 2 List Price $1999 (Contact us for best price)

    The MXL2 display features a high contrast traditional LCD, with a black to white ratio nearly double its predecessor, fused with a graphical LCD offering great flexibility in information display and alerts. The MXL2 now offers a dual colored backlight of high contrast white and red which can also be changed conditionally. An ambient light sensor keeps the backlight at optimum brightness levels.
  • SC HD 2 List price $999 (Contact us for best price)

    Why go on track with a generic action-camera? SmartyCam HD has been designed for motorsports, by people exactly like you, who have spent their life on the track. SmartyCam HD was designed with a single purpose: providing great videos that include all the technical information that will help you improve your performance. All this comes in the most robust and reliable system ever. This camera ia now available in two lens angles. The regular lens is 60 degrees field of view (FOV) and the other lens is 120 degrees FOV
  • Smarty Camera HD GP Bullet now in stock List $1099 (Contact us for best price)

    Whenever a SmartyCam HD is not easy to install - i.e. formula cars, motorbikes - SmartyCamGP, the bullet version of the on-board camera, is the solution. Same video quality, same features, equally easy connection to AiM systems, but a totally different look. Black anodized aluminum body. A compact, lightweight and robust bullet-cam. This camera ia now available in two lens angles. The regular lens is 67 degrees field of view (FOV) and the other lens is 120 degrees FOV
  • EVO Pro Logger List price $1699, add a GS dash and save more

    EVO5 is the evolution of the traditional datalogger that, all over the years, has become a standard de facto acquisition system in a huge amount of championships. With its compact aluminum body, EVO5 can be easily placed in any vehicle. Its configuration with the new Race Studio 3 software is simple and immediate.
  • AIM EVO 4S Data Logger with GPS List $1199 (Contact us for best price)

    EVO4S is the evolution of the well known EVO4. It maintains the same connection logic, one connector per channel, but with a completely redesigned internal electronic board, fully compatible with the last generation of AiM dashloggers and with the new powerful Race Studio 3 software. EVO4S samples all the information you need: data coming from your vehicle ECU via CAN, RS232 or K-line, from the internal accelerometers and gyro, from the GPS08 module included in the kit. And from analog/digital inputs, external expansions as well as predefined math channels. Sensors can be connected to 5 configurable analog channels, to the RPM input and to 2 wheel speed inputs.
  • EVO 4S with GS-Dash only $1399 (Contact us for best price)

    AIM EVO 4S with a GS-Dash added. This is a great combination of a great logger with an excellent display unit GS-Dash has been designed to show data sampled by the new generation of AiM loggers, EVO4S and EVO5*: all data coming from your vehicle ECU, from the GPS, from your sensors, as well as from the inertial platform.
  • AIM ECU Bridge Starting at $249

    ECU Bridge is needed whenever engine data are to be visualized on a display or on a SmartyCam HD video, if no data recording is required. Available in raw ends, OBD II connector, or Autosport connectors for GT3 Cup. New addition is the ECU bridge adapted for the 991 Cup
  • GPS 08 Antenna for Smarty Camera List $149

    This is the Antenna needed to add GPS to the Smarty Camera. This is not required if your data logger already uses a GPS 05 module or you connect to an EVO 4s or the SOLO DL. This antenna will not attach to a logger. This is the new and improved GPS 08 a for the smarty Camera. This greatly improves accuracy of the GPS data.
  • AIM Single Axis Accelerometer List $219

    This can be used as a Longitudinal G meter. With proper set-up this will provide excellent braking profile data. This is a great substitute for plumbing in a brake pressure sender
  • Memory Module for Current series of Loggers

    The new Memory Module plugs into the logger or Data Hub and logs data to a SD memory card up 128 Gb. The offers an easy way to recover data from the loger. This is especially good if multiple drivers are doing an enduro or long race. The card can be pulled with the car running during pitstops. E-mail us for more details. List price is $179.