AIM SOLO and SOLO DL Laptimers


Solo is a completely automatic lap timer based on GPS technology. 
Using its GPS based location, it identifies the finish line coordinates and automatically starts sampling and displaying lap times.
Of course, Solo can be used in all of your performance situations: circuits, hill climbs, regularity, point to point races, and performance tests. Solo displays and records speed, accelerations, braking... all of the data you need while racing.
Then you can review your data immediately after each session, this helps you analyze and improve your performance.

Solo DL offers all the functions of Solo, plus the ability to connect to your car's Engine Control Unit (ECU) and to the optional camera,  SmartyCam HD a powerful data acquisition system recording important data - like RPM, throttle position and much more - linked to your position on track. 
All this without additional sensors because of the ECU connection.

SOLO list $399

SOLO DL List $699.  Available with OBD or CAN Connection (must specify with order)

I will add an additional connector and wire to the CAN cable to make it easier to remove the DL from your car.  If you plan to install in two cars, you can purchase 2 of the connectors, making the move much easier.  The connectors are $40 each.

RAM suction cup mounts are $45 if purchased separately

Call or e-mail pricing deals.