Top 5 Made-in-India Electric scooter companies

Are you looking for an electric scooter in India but don’t know which brands will provide the best quality scooter with a good price segment and feature-loaded performance? Well, if yes then you’re at the right place. In this discussion, we’re going to examine the top 5 electric scooter companies in India and also tell you about their newly launched models and other factors which every customer should know.

So, if you’re looking for an electric scooter but haven’t decided yet which brand will be the best brand for you then just stick with us. So, without wasting any further seconds let’s start.

#1. Ola Electric

 Ola electric is the most popular and highly demanded electric scooter brand in India. This brand has the biggest market share of electric scooters in India. This company has launched 2 models of their electric scooter named Ola S1 and Ola S1 pro. Both scooters are features and durable also.

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Their scooters are coming under different price segments. To book their electric scooter from Ola electric you just have to enroll yourself on the official website of Ola Scooter or download the app of Ola electric vehicle from the dedicated app store. A nominal fee of Rs. 499/- will be charged for confirming your order. Further proceedings regarding the delivery of your scooter will be provided by the company when required.

The electric scooters of Ola Electric are leading the market because they come with upgraded features and impressive performance.

Market response

 The market response to the electric scooters from Ola Electric is very positive. Some customers say that they face some quality issues with it, otherwise, everything is good.

#2. Ather Energy
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 Ather Energy is a Bangalore-based electric vehicle manufacturing company sponsored by Hero Motocorp. Their electric scooters are the best in quality and very popular in some cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and others. Their electric scooter is named Ather 450 X and Ather 450 pro is leading the electric scooter market in India. This company holds the 2nd largest share of the electric scooter market in the nation currently.

The price of their scooters is around 1, 30,000/- to 1,40,000/- which is quite expensive but you’ll get an impressive level of quality with a dense look in this price segment. The scooters from this are feature loaded and come with a highly durable body and design.

Market response

 The market response regarding this scooter is good. This brand sold more than 20,000 stocks of electric scooters in 2022 and is going to multiply its production now.

#3. Hero Electric

  The 3rd best electric scooter company in India is Hero electric. Hero Electric has launched some tremendous models which come with attractive designs and superb durability. This company has a good amount of market share in the electric vehicle market in India.

This company had already launched plenty of electric scooters like Hero Electric Optima CX which is a dual battery scooter from Hero and Hero Vida V1. The electric scooters of this brand are loved by Indian consumers and people are buying these scooters in large amounts.

The Best thing about the electric scooters from Hero Electric is their price. Yes, Hero electric scooters are very affordable and cones under a very good price range. Whereas other companies are offering their electric scooter at a high cost, hero introduced their electric scooter at half of the price range in the market.

So, if someone has a limited budget and In this budget, they’re looking for a good-quality electric scooter then buying an electric scooter from Hero Electric brand will be the best deal for you.

Market response

 The market response to the electric scooters from Hero is tremendous. Due to its low pricing and decent performance, this company became one of the most popular electric scooter brands in India.

#4. Bajaj Chetak

 The very first scooter that Bajaj launched in the 20th century was Bajaj Chetak. In those days, this was the only scooter in the market that people bought for effective travel. Nowadays, Bajaj introduced a new version of Chetak in terms of designing their first electric scooter.

This is the only electric scooter manufactured by Bajaj to ensure its presence in the electric scooter market in India. The officials of bajaj already confirmed that they’re going to launch their first electric scooter in January 2023.

Also, they claimed that they were going to provide the same durability as Bajaj Chetak with upgraded features. They have added the fast charging feature and a lot more in their first launch of electric scooters.

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Market response

 The market response to this scooter is mixed. People who have trust in bajaj are going to buy this one. The reason behind the mixed reaction to this scooter is its price which is quite high. So, let’s see what happens after the launch of this electric scooter from Bajaj.

#5. Okinawa

 Okinawa is also one of the best and 3rd highest market share holder electric scooter manufacturer brands in India. This company had launched plenty of models in the market and already planned to announce some highly effective and feature-loaded models of electric scooters in 2023.

This company has around 15% of the total market share of electric scooters in India. This company confirms that this brand sold more than 1,00,000 scooters in the previous year and plans to multiply this in 2023.

Market response

 This company did not advertise its products and that’s why we’re unable to figure out the demand and sales figures regarding this brand. Their first launch in India in 2023 is scheduled for the mid of 2023.

Final words 

 So, these are the top 5 electric scooter companies in India. We’re sure that you’ll get an idea about the scooters of every brand. In February, many electric scooter brands are planning to launch their electric vehicles for 2023. If you’re planning to have an electric scooter then scooters from above discussed brands will be the value-for-money products for you.

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