List of Electric Two-wheeler Manufacturers in India

The world has taken serious steps to overcome the carbon emission effects globally. The recent COP27 summit in Cairo, Egypt is one of the biggest summits taken to reduce the carbon emission effect throughout the world. The world is looking for EVs (Electric Vehicles) as the biggest configuration tool for reducing the Carbon emission effect.

In This effect, plenty of Indian scooter manufacturers are working on designing and launching Electric vehicles in the market. In this discussion, we’re going to discuss the Top Electric Scooter manufacturer in India. So, let’s start.

Top Electric Scooter manufacturer in India

Ola Electric 

 With a 17.121% electric vehicle market share, Ola Electric is leading the Electric scooter brand in India. Their scooter is available in 2 different variants with different color options. Lakhs of scooters are getting sold in just 2-3 hours of Ola Electric’s launch.

Indians are loving the quality and performance of Ola electric.  Their model Ola Electric S1 is one of the selling scooters in 2022. The booking system of this scooter is also very impressive. The user just has to download the app or visit the website. With the nominal fee of Rs. 499/- customers can easily confirm their order. Ola will notify you when the stocks are available and you’ll get a notification when your order is ready.

TVS Motor Company Limited 

TVS is one of the most popular domestic vehicle manufacturing brands in India. TVS sport, TVS Apache is the best-selling scooter from this vehicle manufacturer. Well, no electric bikes are launched yet except scooters by this company but the officials confirm that they’re going to launch a fully electric-based sports bike very soon.

Currently, this company holds the 7.51% market share of Electric based scooters and completed their agreement to increase its stake in the upcoming days. Within 4-5 months (Estimated), the Indian electric vehicle market will see new launches from TVS motor limited.

Okinawa Autotech

This company is a most popular multinational electric vehicle manufacturing company currently dealing with 500+ manufacturers to reach their manufacturing goals. This company also launched its electric vehicle with the model name CY22. Currently, the market share in terms of Electric vehicles this manufacturer is the second largest market share around 16.37%. Currently, around 3 models of Electric scooters from Okinawa Autotech are available in the market.

Their scooters are very effective and durable. Also, provide good-quality performance. You can see the electric scooters of Okinawa Autotech at different price ranges and you’ll easily get one per your budget and preference.

Ather Energy

Ather Energy is recognized as one of the fastest-growing electric vehicle manufacturers in India. This is a Bangalore-based company, which has a share in Hero Motocorp. Hero Motocorp holds around 32% share in this company and also helped this company to become one of the fastest-growing Electric scooter manufacturers in India.

Currently, this company is holding around a 9% share of the electric vehicle market. Their scooters with model names 450 X and 450 Plus are the highest-selling scooters. In 2022, this company will sell around 19,000 electric scooters locally. The officials of this company confirm they are going to launch some new electric scooter models in the market with exciting features and superb durability.

Their scooters are feature loaded and affordable so there is a higher chance that their upcoming models will hold this glory and come with a feature-loaded performance at a decent price range.

Hero Electric 

Hero Electric is also a subsidiary company of Hero Motocorp. Their parent company Hero Motocorp is one of the biggest and leading 2-wheeler manufacturing companies in the world. This company has invested in plenty of industries like automobile, Vehicle, healthcare, International trading, and many others.

In 2022, the estimated sales of Hero Electric are around 96,906 and they’re going to increase this sales figure in 2023 by introducing some new and exciting models this year. Currently, this Top electric scooter manufacturer in India is holding a market share of around 15.74% which is the 3rd largest figure in the Indian market. This brand is going to introduce 3 new electric scooter models this year.

This company is targeting to develop feature-loaded, durable, and affordable electric scooter models in 2023. The upcoming electric scooter models from Hero Electric are getting introduced in the mid of 2023.

Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Bajaj Auto is one of the biggest 2-wheeler manufacturers globally. Their scooters are popular in terms of durable high-quality quality performance. Recently, Bajaj Launched their first electric scooter named Chetak. The name chetak was taken from the first and most popular bajaj scooter launched many years ago.

The electric scooter is getting launched in January 2023 in 2 different variants named Urbane, and Premium. These 2 variants are coming with some specialized features. Currently, the Market share of Electric scooters in Bajaj is around 4.51% but their newly introduced Chetak Electric scooter will enhance their market share in upcoming months. The officials of bajaj do not disclose the pricing and other details of this scooter but it is confirmed that they’re going to launch their first electric scooter in the market very soon.

So, here we discussed the top electric scooter manufacturers in India which are listed. The above-discussed content clearly shows that the listed manufacturers of Electric scooters have very less market share in this context. Some unlisted top electric scooter manufacturers in India have introduced their electric scooters in the market and got tremendous responses from the market.

Final words 

 So, here we discuss India’s top List of Electric Two-wheeler Manufacturers in India (2023). After discussing this we claim that 2023 is going to be a revolutionary year for electric scooter manufacturers in India.

This is because multiple brands are working to design the best electric scooter model for leading the electric scooter model in India. If you’re also planning to have an electric scooter in 2023 then this is the best year for you which offers you tremendous options from trusted brands.

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