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How to open an Electric Car Charging Station in India

by Rahul Kumar

At present, pollution in the environment has increased to a great extent. It is dangerous for the people of the whole world. Pollution causes many diseases. Most of this pollution is caused by the smoke coming out of vehicles running on petrol and diesel. To reduce pollution all over the world, electric vehicles are being used by reducing petrol-diesel vehicles, and in the future electric vehicles will be used on a large scale. The cost of electric vehicles will also come down.

That is why the prevalence of electric vehicles is increasing rapidly. Since there is no pollution from electric vehicles, the government is also helping a lot with this. To increase the prevalence of electric vehicles, the government has reduced the GST on them from 12% to 5%. The way people’s interest in electric vehicles is increasing, it is estimated that by 2025, the sales of electric vehicles will increase to 11 million. And there is a possibility of sales of up to 30 million in the next 5 years.

So as we know that there will be a need for charging electric vehicles, without charging it is of no use, that is why as the number of electric vehicles increases, so will the need for electric vehicles. To get rid of this problem, many companies are working on it. And the government is also helping to open charging stations. We can earn money by opening the charging station. For this, we need to know how to open a charging station, so let us know today how to open a car charging station.

Electric charging station Companies

For vehicles running on petrol, diesel, and CNG, there are petrol pumps from different companies that provide petrol diesel and CNG to the vehicles. Like petrol pumps, electric charging stations will be installed at different places. There are many companies for setting up electric charging stations in India, which will assist you in setting up your company’s electric charging stations. If any person wants to do business then he can open his electric charging station. If he wants to open an electric charging station in his name, he can also open it, for this, the government will cooperate with you and if he wants to take the franchisee of any company, then many companies in India give their franchisee.

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Electric Charging Station Franchise Companies in India

  • °Delta Electronics India
  • °Mass-Tech
  • °Exicom
  • °Fortum India
  • °Volttic – Parent Company Tvesas
  • °Evolt
  • °Evcharz
  • °ACME
  • °Ensto
  • °Panasonic
  • °TATA Power

Where can the charging station be opened? In recent times, electric charging stations will be opened in India like parking stations, shopping malls, petrol pumps, and petrol pumps on the road.

Electric charging stations can be opened in three ways.

  1. In the first category commercial stations will be installed at parking stations, malls, and petrol pumps.
  2. 2. In the second category, they will be installed near all the offices of government departments.
  3. In the third category, they will be installed on the road like petrol pumps. And many companies give their franchise according to location.

Requirements for EV charging station

If you want to do business then you can earn by opening an electric charging station. To open an electric charging station, you can apply directly to the Ministry of Power Department, for this, you can apply. The government will also cooperate with you on this. But if you want to open an electric charging station in your name, then the government will allow you to open the station if you fulfill the criteria set by the government. Another way is to open an electric charging station by taking a franchise of a company. Many companies give their franchisees for electric charging stations.

EV charging station setup cost in India

If you want to set up your electric charging station, then the investment in it depends on the charging point and area to be installed at the station, and if you want to open the station by taking a franchise of a company, then this company will determine how many charging points He will tell you about the investment accordingly. By the way, the estimated investment is around 5 lac to 10 lac rupees.

Distance between electric charging station

Initially, the central government had fixed the distance between the electric charging stations at 25 km, but now this rule has changed, now both sides of the road can open electric charging stations at a distance of every 3 km.

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