Hyundai Venue iMT 2022- First Drive Review


Hyundai’s Intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT) offers a smart solution for enthusiasts who prefer manual gear shifting without the need to use a clutch, combining the best of both worlds.

Hyundai is known for innovation in mainstream cars, adding features to the cabin and refining the engine and steering setup across segments. The latest example is the Venue model equipped with IMT. Although clutchless manual systems may sound new, Saab introduced a similar concept in 1993 with the Sensonic, but it was not as efficient. In contrast, the Hyundai iMT is remarkable and innovative. We had the opportunity to test drive the new Venue IMT for a few hours to provide more insight.

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Hyundai Venue Driving Review


Let’s concentrate on the iMT’s performance element. We were first dubious, but as soon as we shifted into first gear, everything became clear. The automobile starts easily, shifts into first gear, and accelerates quickly after the brake is released. A 998cc turbocharged petrol engine, accessible from as low as 1,500 rpm, powers the Venue iMT and has a maximum output of 120 PS and a maximum torque of 172 Nm. With the torque of a 1.8L Toyota Corolla Altis, these figures translate into noticeable acceleration for the Venue.


The 6-speed iMT’s seamless shifting just requires that you remove your foot from the accelerator pedal. The gearbox is trouble-free and runs smoothly. When the rpm drops too low, signalling that you need to shift down, there are alarms to warn you. The only difficulty I had was the initial set-off from zero, which is a little abrupt and takes some getting accustomed to. It’s a minor issue, but it can add some extra effort to parking.

Compared to the manual version, it’s a terrific choice that clients will like.

What about its handling and ride quality?

The 1.0L turbo petrol engine in the Venue makes for an especially enjoyable driving experience. The car accelerates like a torrent despite the obvious turbo lag because of its amazing torque output. The driving experience is enhanced by the steering’s high level of precision. The front end can be moved through sharper directional changes and responds superbly despite having a softer suspension configuration.

Hyundai engineers were able to keep the Venue’s sporting qualities while making it a comfortable family vehicle. The car’s 190mm ground clearance allows it to navigate tough terrain without sacrificing its ability to turn on curved highways. In terms of size, the automobile is roomy, and in terms of dynamics, it is little.

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The iMT must be well understood in order to be utilised to its full potential. The iMT is responsive, but sudden adjustments, like switching from the second to third cog, need for some adjusting. A brief drive, though, can only offer a few observations, and we’ll need more time with the vehicle to come to a firm conclusion.

How is the equipment package & Features?

The Venue has a tonne of connectivity options and perks, like a sunroof and 33 Bluelink services that are free for three years. A variety of driving information and navigation are available on the snappy 8-inch HD infotainment touchscreen. Hyundai Bluelink services include SOS and towing assistance in case vehicle trouble. Only a slight background rumble from the turbocharged petrol engine and sporadic suspension thuds can be heard within the cabin due to the outstanding noise isolation.

The Venue also has some subtle yet impressive details, such as the beautifully designed LED indicators on the OVRMs, glovebox cooling, D-cut steering wheel, telematics switches on the rearview mirrors, and voice recognition. These add a premium feel to the car, which is much appreciated in this segment.

Hyundai Venue Overall driving experience

The iMT is a great option for individuals who desire a hassle-free driving experience but still want to enjoy the delight of manual gear-shifting when paired with a turbocharged gasoline engine. The iMT’s smooth gear changes and strong torque output make it simple to get used to, enabling seamless acceleration. Even though our test drive was brief, we were impressed by the steering feel and handling, and the lack of a clutch pedal would appeal to a wider spectrum of drivers.

Although the DCT is still the more technologically advanced choice, buyers looking for a different driving experience have a choice with the iMT. The iMT’s fuel economy and high-speed stability have to be seen, but our initial impression is extremely favourable.

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