MG Hector Plus: Best 7-Seater SUV in 2022


The 5-seater Hector SUV, which MG Motor India introduced to the Indian market a year ago, has been replaced by its younger sibling, the Hector Plus, which has a few new amenities and somewhat longer dimensions. The installation of a third row of seats for children and teenagers as well as a second row with two captain seats is the most significant of all of them.

At a particularly challenging moment, MG Motor joined the Indian market. From the market’s strong sales increase in 2018, sales started to decline in early 2019. The government’s obscurity over electric mobility, the state of the economy, and preparations for BS-6 compliance by April 1, 2020, were some of the factors cited as causes of the market depression.

The Hector, which MG Motor claimed to be the nation’s first internet automobile, however, helped the company stand apart. With its marketing efforts and product promises, the company was able to generate significant excitement in the market even before the launch. Even though the Hector was widely embraced by consumers, there was always a demand for a model with additional seats.

However, in an interview with us during the media drive for the Hector, Rajeev Chaba, President & MD, MG Motor India confirmed the company would launch a six-seat version of the Hector in the early part of 2020, and the same was showcased at the New Delhi Auto Expo in February this year.

The third row, which is primarily intended for kids and teenagers, has been added to the Hector Plus, which has also received two captain seats for owners who enjoy being ferried around. The business has aggressively priced the Hector Plus, starting at Rs 13.49 lakh and rising to Rs 18.54 lakh for the top-variant, which should entice potential consumers eager for the extra seating choice in the well-liked SUV.

The upgraded smart system now gets over-the-air (OTA) updates and a new ‘chit-chat’ feature


https://austinmotorsportsllc.com/mg-hector-plus-best-7-seater-suv-in-2022/ https://austinmotorsportsllc.com/mg-hector-plus-best-7-seater-suv-in-2022/

Although the seating arrangement is what sets the Hector Plus apart from its sibling, there are other noteworthy alterations to the car that support the ‘Plus’ designation. The Hector Plus gives off a feeling of being somewhat larger upon first glance thanks to the newly styled, broader front grille. Even though the remainder of its measurements stays the same, including the wheelbase at 2,750 mm, the Hector Plus is overall 65 mm longer than the Hector. This is mostly because of the new front and rear bumpers.

One thing that is welcome is the subdued usage of chrome. The redesigned front and rear bumpers are more stylish, and the grille appears to be larger. The redesigned tail light elements give the Hector a cleaner, more sophisticated look at the rear. To our dislike, though, MG decided to continue with the 17-inch wheels, which look rather small for the Hector Plus.

The second-row captain chairs in the Hector Plus are meant to be enjoyed by the owners while being chauffeured. Even with the captain seats fully forward, the Plus model, like the Hector, can claim of having ample capacity. However, getting to the third row through the confined space between the middle-row seats is difficult. However, given that the third row is solely advised for children, there shouldn’t be a problem. However, the third-row seat has severely reduced the amount of luggage space available on the Hector Plus, leaving only 155 l. The available space rises to 530 l when the third row of seats is folded. The car now features a hands-free tailboard that can be opened by

As opposed to the Hector, which has an all-black interior, the Hector Plus has a tan-on-black colour scheme. Similar to the Hector, the Hector Plus has a 10.4-inch touchscreen system that is linked with over-the-air (OTA) technology and an updated version of iSMART. This improved version of iSMART now supports a new “chit-chat” function that includes pre-recorded answers to inquiries. The vocal orders left us with a mixed bag of feelings.

The new seating layout will be a boon for chauffeured passengers

THE OVERALL PACKAGE https://austinmotorsportsllc.com/mg-hector-plus-best-7-seater-suv-in-2022/ https://austinmotorsportsllc.com/mg-hector-plus-best-7-seater-suv-in-2022/ https://austinmotorsportsllc.com/mg-hector-plus-best-7-seater-suv-in-2022/ https://austinmotorsportsllc.com/mg-hector-plus-best-7-seater-suv-in-2022/

The Hector Plus offers the same selection of powertrains as the five-seater Hector. A 1.5 l petrol engine with a mild hybrid system and 6-speed manual, a 1.5 l petrol engine linked to a 6-speed manual transmission, and a 2 l diesel engine paired with a 6-speed manual transmission are all available.

Six airbags, ESC, automatic headlights and wipers, a tire pressure monitoring system, and front and rear parking sensors are all included in the Hector Plus’s safety features. The top-spec Sharp version of the Hector Plus comes with a 360-degree parking camera, an Infinity audio system, and a panoramic sunroof, among other things, in addition to the new amenities stated previously in this report.

The price of the Hector Plus was increased by 50,000 in the middle of August, making it around 100,000 more expensive than the standard Hector. The Hector Plus is quite generously priced for the extra equipment, the extra row of seats, and the premium seating experience in the second row, and it strikes interested consumers as a cozy, useful SUV.

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