Should You Buy an Electric Car in 2023?

Electric cars (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular in India, and many people are contemplating purchasing one. However, many individuals are still skeptical about owning an electric car due to a lack of information. This article aims to provide an in-depth look at the benefits of owning an electric car in 2023.

Battery Life

One of the most significant concerns that people have when considering purchasing an EV is the battery life. EVs in India are now available with two types of batteries: NMC and LFP. The latter is used by various manufacturers worldwide, including Indian car brands like Tata Motors, in their EV line-up, which includes Nexon, Tigor, and Tiago.

According to research, the LFP battery offers better durability, longevity, and a higher number of charging cycles. Generally, after approximately 3000 charging cycles, the batteries start to degrade. Therefore, you can expect your LFP batteries to last up to 9 lakh km.

Battery Degradation

One of the myths associated with EVs is that the battery life degrades quickly with charging. However, this is not the case. If you drive your EV for 150 km per day and charge it every two days, your EV can last up to 16 years. In contrast, traditional petrol and diesel cars only come with a warranty of up to 2-5 years on limited kilometers.

Real-life Experience

To further clarify the benefits of owning an EV, Motoroctane spoke to an EV owner who has driven his Nexon EV for more than 80,000 km. The owner has not experienced any significant battery issues and states that the range remains consistent. The State of Health (SOH) of the battery is still in the 90s, indicating that the doubts over the car’s less battery life are merely myths.

Expensive Battery Packs

Another concern that people have is the cost of replacing the battery pack. However, the battery packs are not as expensive as many people believe. If you consider that a traditional car engine may need replacing in 5-6 years, the battery pack will outlast the car’s engine, thus providing a better return on investment.

Benefits of Owning an Electric Car

Owning an EV is advantageous in many ways. Firstly, EVs offer lower running costs compared to petrol and diesel cars. Secondly, EVs emit fewer pollutants, making them environmentally friendly. Thirdly, EVs are virtually silent, making for a comfortable driving experience. Fourthly, EVs offer instant torque, providing a more responsive driving experience.

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